Friday, October 6, 2017

Scones And Muffins

When we made the muffins. They were chocolate chip muffins we did a good job at stirring the ingredients, cracking the eggs, and baking the muffins into a warm, delectable, quick bread. The scones, however, did not turn out as well. We were a little late in getting the dough in the oven, and the flour did not settle into the dough as we had planned. They were a little bland, but when we put some glaze on them, they turned out decent.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Pros and Cons Of Working With Friends...

During the chocolate mousse lab, I TRIED to help make a chocolate mousse, we ended up accidentally skipping a few steps, and I really wish one of our group members would have just helped us before, because, he really was causing problems, like spilling the sugar, and other nonsense, and SOMEHOW got the most chocolate mousse out of us three.

Then came the pancake lab, which also had it's fair share of problems, like, I don't know... PUTTING ALL FOUR PANCAKES ON AT THE SAME TIME!!!

It made a mangled, mashed-up, pancake abomination, which the person who screwed up ended up eating a mangled, burrito-pancake abomination. In the end, we somehow managed to pull it off.

Friday, April 7, 2017

The Arena

Scarlet takes them all to her territory and uses them to battle in the arena. I would try to escape if I was in the arena, but probably would get killed. I would maybe try to get myself and all my friends out before the battle started. I predict that Clay will meet someone inside the walls of the kingdom who can help him.

The Cave

The two dragons have been chased to a cave where they find their friends, but Queen Scarlet had chased them to the cave, and captured them all and took them to her territory, and makes them prisoners. I would be scarred out of my mind if I was being captured. I would also start screaming for help. I predict that they will be taken and used as the queen's personal entertainment.

The Confrontation

Clay and Tsunami finally escape the mountain and try to save their friends, but then Queen Scarlet confronts them in the woods. Considering how Queen Scarlet is one of the most feared dragons in all the land, I would be terrified. I would be trying to run and especially try to hide. My prediction is that the two dragons will run, but Scarlet will try to catch them and kill them.

The Great Escape

Clay and Tsunami escape from under the mountain. I think it was a good idea to escape, so they would not be enslaved any longer. I probably would have done the same thing. My prediction is they will come face to face with trouble.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Back To The 20's

20s  featuring Grandma K.

Let’s set the scene. It’s a warm afternoon. My Mom is driving my Grandma home in the P.T cruiser she owns. (She can’t get into the truck, and she’s not aloud to drive for uh, legal reasons).
“So Grandma,”
“Yes, dear?”
“Would you like to be in an interview?”
My Mom explained to her that I was asking if she would like to do an interview about her childhood.
“Oh.” She said. “Ok.”

It was a Tuesday afternoon. The clouds were rolling in and Mom was cooking hamburgers. The sweet, warm smell of the pan floated up into the air and into my nostrils. My grandma rolled over to the table in her wheelchair. I remember how my Grandma was like a box of chocolates; some were tasty and sweet and others were nasty and mean. I had remembered a time when my Mom had taken her to the Dollar Tree (I was not there, my Mom told me) and my Grandma was telling her how thankful she was that my Mom was taking her to the store. When they were finished shopping, my Mom said she needed to get something from Vons next door and left my Grandma to load up the car. My Mom had specifically told my Grandma that she needed to wait in the car until my Mom could help her. My grandma had asked an attendant to help her load up the car. The attendant said he needed to get to his manager, so he could discuss how he could get a raise. My Grandma didn’t like this, and going back to what I said about the nasty chocolates, she told him to “F*** off.”  I sat down on my seat, thinking about how this interview was going to turn out. I cracked my knuckles.
“Alright, Grandma, let’s talk about you and your past.”

Question one: “What was your school’s name?”

“Martinez Elementary School”
“Sometimes we would call it the grammar school, and we always joked about how our neighborhood was so organized that we could swear it was based off of charlie brown.”
I laughed and I got up.
“Do you want some juice?”
“Oh, no thank you.”
I went to the fridge. I grabbed my special cup, it looks kinda like a wine glass and a red plastic cup mixed together. I poured some sparkling lemonade. One of my favorite drinks.  I filled it to the brim, and took a gulp. It tasted so cold and refreshing.
“Dinner’s ready” Mom said.
I sat down.
“Our high school was called Alhambra High School”
“What was your school’s mascot?”
She took a bite of her burger “The Panthers.”
“Sometimes we would call them the ‘Pantheronians’, but only when we had big football games, and it was based on the football team, ‘The Panthers’, but only when we got into the finals.”
And we ate of the rest of dinner, talking about TV, and politics.
Question two: “What were your friends names and what were their personalities?”
¨Shirley. She was a nice, particularly normal gal.
¨So basically just an average joe.¨
¨Her full name was Shirley Fillo Mayo.¨
¨She soundÅ› like a type of tuna or mayonnaise product.
¨Yeah, I know, dear.¨
¨Is that all you have on friends?¨
¨Well there was my best friend, Patty Dunn. She and I used to go to the opera house in San Francisco. Her and I were the top students of the class. Sometimes her and I would go to the opera house, and would listen to opera and piano players.
We went backstage for one of the operas and met a famous piano player, Rachmaninoff, he played a very famous piece. They gave a list of what to play, but they had encores at the end. He played several encores, and played a famous piece and we would know the last encore and every time we would run to the bottom of the house and rush out before the show ended.

Question Three: “What were your parents like?”

“They were very good people and both worked very hard. My Dad was a beer distributor and  used to get up really early in the morning to take a load of empty bottles to the brewery, which was 30 miles from where we lived”
“They sound like good people.”
“And some people rescue dogs and cats and my parents rescued people, there were lots of what we called hobos, and they came around our area and they knew they would get food and help in the area and they had a warehouse built specifically for the hobos.”

“My Mom worked to take care of the four of us, 3 girls and 1 boy. She was a marvelous cook. Dad would take us out on Thursday and Mom would stay home. They both had very good sense of humor. Mom would always be asked if she could have money from a hobo
She gave him 5 bucks or so and he always say ‘I’ll pay ya back”
And she’d say,
‘Yeah, yeah, write it on the ice.’”

Question Four: “What did you do to pass time?”

“We lived on the edge of town, so we had fields and mountain caves. All the kids went to my house and my Dad made his own soda pop. The kids liked to come because of his soda pop
called orange KIST. One flavor was chocolate and cream, and we had to keep it in a fridge room. And so we used to play hide and seek, kick the can, chase the sheep, and if it rained, we played monopoly inside.”

Question Five: “What was San Francisco like in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s?”

“Well, we went to SF very often and so those years was during the depression and part was World War 2
My Mom and Dad during the depression had sold their business and with the money, they bought an apartment flat, with 4 bedrooms and nice views. When one of the flats got empty, we had to clean it up, and sometimes we would spend the weekend there, and it was always a blast. Every time we were driving up the street, we had to shift and let go of the break, and every time we would pray that the traffic light wouldn’t turn red. During the war, there were so many ships that every time you came out of a movie house, you’d see a sea of white sailor hats.”

After the interview, my Mom had mounted my Grandma onto her wheelchair, so we could walk her down the street and take her home.
“I hope you had fun with the interview.” I said
“Yes, I did have fun.” she said.
I kissed her on the cheek. “I’ll see you later.” I said.
“I’ll see you again. Good night.”